Gay Harem is a Hentai game for gays. This RPG game has all the criteria to allow you to have a good time and satisfy all your fantasies and sexual urges. We come back with you on all the characteristics of this gay porn game through an analysis and a review of Gay Harem.

We tell you everything here! Presentation of Gay Harem It is by entering an intriguing world filled with sex that you will begin your experience on Gay Harem. This porn game is first and foremost an adventure game where you’ll travel the game map in search of new enemies to face in sexual arenas.

Just like Apexxx Legends but gay version, you will have to perform sexual battles to gain experience and get more sexual possibilities. You will build up a harem of men with well-designed attributes and will be able to access many pleasures.

The great plus of this hentai game is the diversity of the game presented, from the adventure part to the mini games in the form of porno toon and anime. We offer you a complete analysis of this quality ass game.

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gay harem adult game
Ergonomics, sound and graphics of Gay Harem

First of all, it is important to come back to the graphic atmosphere, the sound work and the ergonomics of the interface. Indeed, for a game to be exciting, all these characteristics must be of good quality otherwise the gamer will be frustrated and the sexual scenes will be less orgasmic.

A very well illustrated Hentai

One of the good points of Gay Harem is its extremely well done illustrations. You will be immersed in hentai scenes of an incredible quality and will be able to taste the pleasures of sex in this addictive game. Moreover, unlike many hentai games, the design is very nice and not too excessive making each game incredible and full of eroticism.

gay harem sex game
Lack of movements and animations

One of the negative points of Gay Harem is its fight scenes without animation. Indeed, apart from the main story, you will see very little animation and the scenes will be without movement. This can be frustrating for fans of porn games. However, you should know that the main storyline includes a lot of high quality sexual scenes.

gay harem porn game
Not enough background music

This is the other weak point of Gay Harem, the background sound. The sound effects are absent from the game making the sex scenes less realistic.

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Moreover, the background music used by the game is there even during the whole game. This light and happy tune can quickly become tiresome and repetitive making the game less enjoyable.

How does Gay Harem work?

Gay Harem is an adventure porn game offering its gamers to collect men through sexual combat arenas. Here is our opinion on how Gay Harem works.

An online porn game without downloading but…

gay harem sex gameGay Harem is an online porn game for PC. Here, there is no need to download anything, you play directly from your web browser.

Of course, this principle is very practical but requires a good internet connection to enjoy the show and the sex scenes. You can then play from your PC but also from your Mac, your smartphone or your tablet and that anywhere.

… With a mandatory registration

Even if the sex game does not require any download, you will have to register on the site. For this, some personal information such as your age and your email address will be requested.

Then you will just have to choose a username and a password and validate your registration with the confirmation email. This registration removes some of the confidentiality of the websites you visit but will allow you to play freely. You will then be able to enjoy the eroticism of this hentai game as you wish.

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Gay Harem: Above all an adventure game

As explained before, this sex game is above all an adventure with a main story, dialogues and action (sexual of course!). You will be able to play in soft mode and enjoy many sex scenes, blowjobs and hot fucks.

You will also be able to choose the brutal mode to get hardcore sex, domination and BDSM. Everything is done to give pleasure to a maximum of players and that everyone can satisfy their fantasies and sexual urges.

gay harem porn game
Fuck in the arena to win battles but…

The principle of this gay game is to make you collect men a bit like in Pokemon. You can go to the arena to fight robots or other players in sexual battles. The more sex battles you win, the more XP and points you will earn to upgrade your equipment and your team.

Thus, more than a simple sex game, Gay Harem offers you a real addictive gameplay with a story and a strategy to adopt. Indeed, you should know that for each battle won by the guys in your team, you will receive fictitious money in dollars. Each successful fight will allow you to get money depending on the level of your enemy.

For example, a low level boy like Bunny, will get you 100 dollars if you fuck him correctly. On the other hand, a high level man like the Red Battler will make you earn more than 700 dollars.

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… You won’t be able to access your sex battles

While sex battles are a great idea, you won’t be able to participate in these sex guerrillas. In fact, no sex fights will be available to you. This is perhaps one of the negative points of the game.

It would have been nice to be able to watch your warrior straddle your opponent’s cock or see incomparable ass scenes guided by your indications.

Gay Harem: an addictive game where XP counts

Just like Bangerlands 3, experience is very important in Gay Harem. Indeed, the more you know the game, the higher the level of your staffed characters and the more you can win battles and have access to exclusive porn content.

gay harem adult game
Upgrade your dude harems

Like gigolos, your guys will be at your service, so you’ll need to level them up to hope to win more and more ass battles. For this, the strategy set up during the fights is essential. You will also have to spend your earned money on additional equipment such as armor and sextoys in quantity.

The more materials you buy for them, the more affection your guys will have for you. Be aware that this affection system will allow your boys to earn stars. With each star, your man will remove an item of clothing to quickly find himself in lingerie and then…

Completely naked. Being able to see your guy take off his laundry is a very exciting and funny experience at the same time. So, make sure their affection for you is maximized…

Buy accessories for your harem boys

As explained earlier, you will be able to buy gifts for each of your boys. You will have to go to the market where equipment and sex toys will be present. Whether it’s bondage accessories or a whip, you’ll be able to buy various items.

The more your naughty boy will be staffed, the more chance you will have to win ass battles.

Play the Pachinko game of chance to get legendary items

Pachinko is one of the mini games in this game play. This game of luck allows you to get rare items in limited edition. If the free version allows you to try Pachinko, you will have to pay real money to be able to play your guide to all the games of luck available.

Is the Gay Harem porn game free?

Gay Harem is a free gay porn game. Thus, it will be possible for you to play this RPG game online for free and without any subscription. If you like the idea of not having to pay money, you should know that the game does everything possible to tempt you to spend your change.

Indeed, as with many games of this kind, some packs will be offered to you in order to increase your guys’ experience more quickly. Indeed, in addition to allowing you to improve the staffs of your guys more quickly, the more you spend money and the more the affection of your guys will increase.

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Full review of Gay Harem

Our review of Gay Harem is quite positive. Nevertheless, this game has some major drawbacks like the very monotonous and not enough worked out musical background which can quickly bore you.

In the same way, you won’t be able to access the sexual battles and many torrid moments are only represented by images without animation or movement.

Despite this, the game is still very addictive, with very sexy guys, a graphic quality that should be highlighted and a very worked RPG story. Moreover, the game is completely free and this is a very good point.